Patents— 2007

01-02-2007 7,157,166 ammonia fuel cell
01-02-2007 7,158,511 method and apparatus for providing directed communications through a networked array of node
01-09-2007 7,161,791 variable capacitance membrane actuator for wide band tuning of microstrip resonaors and filters
01-16-2007 7,164,387 compact tunable antenna
01-16-2007 7,164,808 method and apparatus for illumination and compensation of digital images
01-23-2007 7,166,515 implanted hidden interconnections in a semiconductor device for preventing reverse engineering
01-23-2007 7,167,614 self-adapting limiter
01-30-2007 7,170,105 typeII interband heterostructure backward diodes
01-30-2007 7,171,082 method and apparatus for optical top-hat pulse generation
02-06-2007 7,173,565 tunable frequency selective surface
02-06-2007 7,174,064 optical channelizer utilizing resonant microsphere coupling
02-13-2007 7,176,542 photo induced-EMF sensor shield
02-13-2007 7,176,769 harmonic termination circuit for medium bandwidth microwave power amplifiers
02-20-2007 7,179,422 apparatus for improved detection of carbon monoxide by infrared absorption sectroscopy
02-20-2007 7,181,093 tunable RF-lightwave modulator
02-27-2007 7,184,205 elctromagnetic array structure capable of operating as an amplifier or an oscillator
02-20-2007 7,193,548 switching arrangement and DAC mismatch shaper using the same
03-27-2007 7,196,649 reprogrammable distributed reference ladder for analog-to-digital converters
04-03-2007 7,197,800 method of makking a high impdeance surface
04-10-2007 7,202,100 metod of manufacturing a cloverleaf microgyroscope and cloverleaf microgyroscope
04-17-2007 7,205,699 solid state actuation using graphite intercalation compounds
04-17-2007 7,206,566 apparatus and method for frequency conversion
04-24-2007 7,207,728 optical bond-wire iterconnections and a method for fabrication thereof
04-24-2007 7,208,710 uniform microwave heating method and apparatus
05-08-2007 7,215,064 piezoelectric switch for tunable electronic components
05-08-2007 7,215,221 harmonic termination circuit for medium bandwidth microwave power amplifiers
05-08-2007 7,215,696 electrically pumped semiconductor active mirror with improved performance and reduced parasitics
05-15-2007 7,217,977 covert transformation of transistor properties as a circuit protection method
05-15-2007 7,218,281 artificial impedance structure
05-29-2007 7,223,635 oriented self-location of microstructures with allignment structures
05-29-2007 7,224,757 method and apparatus for improving the performance of delta-sigma modulators
06-12-2007 7,229,874 method and apparatus for allowing formation of self-aligned base contacts
06-19-2007 7,232,700 integrated all-Si capacitive microgyro with vertical differential sense and control and process for preparing an integrated all-Si capacitive microgyro with vertical differential sense
06-19-2007 7,233,297 steerable radial line slot antenna
06-19-2007 7,233,726 compact phase-conjugate mirror and other optic devices
07-03-2007 7,237,315 method for fabricating a resonator
07-10-2007 7,242,063 symmetric non-intrusive and covert technique to render a transistor permanently non-operable
07-10-2007 7,242,518 standing wave amplifiers and oscillators
07-17-2007 7,245,269 adaptive bam forming antenna system using a tunable inpedance surface
08-07-2007 7,253,091 proess for assembling three-dimensional systems on a chip and structure thus obtained
08-07-2007 7,253,699 RF MEMS switch with integrated impedance matching structure
08-07-2007 7,253,709 RF MEMS switch with spring-loaded latchng mechanism
08-07-2007 7,253,759 continous-time delta-sigma modulator using distributed resonators
08-07-2007 7,253,780 steerable leaky wave antenna capable of both forward and backward radiation
08-07-2007 7,253,835 method and apparatus for estimating a camera reference horizon
08-07-2007 7,253,933 apparatus and method for the temporal profiling of short laser pulses wwith thick bragg gratings
08-07-2007 7,541,152 optically pumed active mirror with improved performance and reduced parasites
08-21-2007 7,258,896 preparing composites by using resins
08-21-2007 7,259,444 optoelectronic device with patterned ion implant subcollector
08-21-2007 7,259,859 terahertz modulation spectrometer
09-04-2007 7,266,279 optically pumped stepped multi-well laser
09-11-2007 7,269,312 bipolar RF-photonic transversal filter with dynamically reconfigurable passbands
09-18-2007 7,272,158 highly efficient waveguide pulsed THz electromagneic radiation source and group-matched waveguide THz electromagnetic radiation
09-18-2007 7,272,587 generation of decision trees by means of a probabilistic model
09-25-2007 7,274,128 layered inorganic with pilared organic nanocomposite actuators">
09-25-2007 7,274,717 dark fiber laser array coupler">
10-02-2007 7,276,990 single-pole multi-throw switch having low parasitic reactance, and an antenna incorporating the same
10-09-2007 7,280,015 metal contact RF MEMS single pole double throw latching switch
10-09-2007 7,280,186 high resolution chirped/AM optical FM lasr radar
10-16-2007 7,282,834 micro electrical mechanical system(MEMS) tuning using focused ion beams
10-16-2007 7,283,751 adaptive optical system compensating for phase fluctuations
10-30-2007 7,289,662 method and apparatus for apparatus for generating three-dimensional models from uncalibrated views
11-06-2007 7,292,381 method for conforming amicro-electronic array arbitrary shape
11-06-2007 7,292,791 optical-to-wireless wdm converter
11-13-2007 7,294,935 integrated circuits proctected against reverse engineering and metod for favricating the same using an apparent metal contact line terminating on field oxide
11-13-2007 7,295,580 numerical aperture optimization using doped cladding layers
11-20-2007 7,298,017 actuation using lithium/metal alloys and actuator device
11-20-2007 7,298,228 single-pole multi-throw switch having low parasitic reactance, and an antenna incorporating the same
12-11-2007 7,305,824 power-off hold element
12-11-2007 7,307,564 continous-time delta-sigma modulators using distributed resonators
12-11-2007 7,307,589 large-scale adaptive surface sensor arrays
12-11-2007 7,308,032 oversampling D/A converter and method for shapaing nonlinear ntersysbol interference in and oversampling D/A converter
12-18-2007 7,309,171 optical bond-wire interconnections and a method for fabrication thereof
12-18-2007 7,310,183 diffractive outcopler for second harmonic generation