Patents— 2005

12-27-2005 6.979.606 use silicon block process step to camouflage a false trasistor
12-13-2005 6.975.009 dual-wafer tunneling gyroscope and an assembly for making same
12-13-2005 6.974.604 method of self-latching for adhesion during self-assembly of electronic or optical components
12-13-2005 6.973.830 time-reversed photoacoustic system and uses thereof
12-06-2005 6.972.702 1-Of-N A/D converter
11-15-2005 6.965.349 phased array antenna
11-08-2005 6.963.442 low-noise, switchable RF-lightwave synthesizer
10-11-2005 6.954.302 conformal retro-modulator optical devices
10-04-2005 6.952.190 low profile slot antenna using backside fed frequency selective surface
10-04-2005 6.951.768 single crystal, dual wafer, tunneling sensor or switch with substrate protrusion and a method of making same
09-27-2005 6.950.813 fuzzy inference network for clasification of high-dimensional data
09-20-2005 6.946.322 large area printing method for integrating device and circuit components
09-06-2005 6.940.764 memory with a bit line block and/or a word line block for preventing reverse engineering
08-30-2005 6.937.175 amplifier linearization using delta-sigma predistortion
08-23-2005 6.933.164 method of fabrication of a micro-channel-based integrated sensor for chemical and biological mateials
08-16-2005 6.930.020 method for fabricating large area flexible electronics
08-16-2005 6.929.987 microelectronic device fabrication method
08-02-2005 6.924.552 multilayered integrated circuit with extaneous conductive traces
07-26-2005 6.922.118 micro electrical mechanical system (MEMS) tuning using focused ion beams
07-19-2005 6.920.439 method and apparatus for incorporating decision making into classifiers
06-21-2005 6.910.024 system for pricing-based quality of service (PQoS) control in networks
06-21-2005 6.908.680 method for obtainging reduced thermal flux in silicone resin composites
06-14-2005 6.906.309 injection-seeding of multi-tone photonic oscillator
05-31-2005 6.901.177 optical top hat pulse generator
05-24-2005 6.897.535 integrated circuit with reverse engineering protection
05-24-2005 6.897.137 process for fabricating utlra-low contact resistances in GaN-based devices
05-24-2005 6.897.132 method of reducing the conductivity of a semiconductor and devices made thereby
05-17-2005 6.895.152 guidedmode laser aparatus with improved cladding structure and a method of fabricating thereof
05-17-2005 6.894.654 waveguide for a travelling wave antenna
05-17-2005 6.894.325 fabrication of low resistance non-alloyed, ohmic contacts to InP using non-stoichiometric InP layers
05-17-2005 6.893.916 programmable connector/isolator and double polysilicon layer CMOS process with buried contact using the same
05-10-2005 6.891.987 multi-aperture beam steering system with wavefront correction based on a tunable optical delay ling
05-03-2005 6.888.982 recursive optical delay line filter with neutrallization
05-03-2005 6.888.420 RF MEMS switch matrix
04-26-2005 6.885.303 motion prediction within an amorphous sensor array
04-26-2005 6.884.704 ohmic metal contact andchannel protection in GaN devices using an encapsulation layer
04-19-2005 6.882.781 coherent power combining of single-mode sources in waveguide fiber couplers
04-05-2005 6.875.268 method of improving a surface of a substrate for bonding
03-29-2005 6.872.985 waveuide-bonded optoelectronic devices
03-22-2005 6.870.511 method and apparatus for mlultilayer frequency selective surfaces
03-22-2005 6.870.234 optically-and electrically-addressable concentrators of biological and chemical materials
03-15-2005 6.867.904 integrated optical ciecuit tor effecting stable injection locking of laser diode pairs used for microwave signal systhesis
03-15-2005 6.867.741 antenna system and RF signal interference abatement Method
03-08-2005 6.864.856 low profile, dual polarized/pattern antenna
02-22-2005 6.858.537 process for smoothing a rough surface on a substrate by dry ethcing
02-15-2005 6.855.948 low base-emitter voltage heterojunction bipolar transistor
02-08-2005 6.853.339 low-profile, mlulti-antenna module, and method of integration into a vehicle
02-08-2005 6.852.615 ohmic contacts for high electron mobility transistors and a method of making the same
02-08-2005 6.852.556 waveguide-bonded optoelectronic devices
02-08-2005 6.852.248 dopants for liquid-crystal devices
01-25-2005 6.847.925 method and apparatus for modelling thee-dimensional electomagnetic scattering from arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional objects
01-25-2005 6.847.888 method and apparatus for modelling three-dimensional eletromagnetic scattering from arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional objects
01-25-2005 6.847.277 torsion spring for electromechanical switches and cantilever-type RF micro-electroelectromechanical switch incorporating the torsion spring
01-25-2005 6.847.266 microelectromechanical RF and microwave frequency power regulator
01-18-2005 6.845.111 laser apparatus with improved thermal stress resistance
01-18-2005 6.844.848 wavelength division multiplexing methods and apparatus for constructing photonic beamforming networks
01-11-2005 6.842.097 torsion spring for electromechanical switches and cantilever-type RF micro-electroelectromechanical switch incorporating the torsion spring
01-11-2005 6.841.838 microelectromechanical tunneling gyroscope and an assembly for making a microelectromechanical tunneling gyroscope therefrom
01-04-2005 6.838.017 polar tolane liquid crystals