Synergy + ideas = Innovation

HRL is organized into four laboratories, each featuring concentrated knowledge in specific technology areas. Our technical staff work on a variety of internal and contract lab projects and commonly form intra-lab teams to work on programs requiring multidisciplinary expertise.

Applied Electromagnetics Lab (AEL)


Electromagnetics, physics, RF technologies and photonics are applied to advancing antenna technology. Unique physics-based theory and modeling are conducted using electromagnetic theory and simulation, quantum information science, and nonlinear science.

Information & Systems Sciences Lab (ISSL)

ISSL Multidisciplinary expertise in information exploitation, bio-inspired computing, human-computer interaction, and large-scale networking are applied to projects in information extraction, object recognition, neuro-inspired control, and intelligent systems.

Microelectronics Lab (MEL)


Researchers in MEL have developed several key technology discriminators, and their expertise spans design, analysis and synthesis, fabrication, testing, packaging, and assembly.

Sensors & Materials Lab (SML)


SML is advancing sensing and materials technologies to provide greater functionality, performance, lighter weight and more affordability.


Patents and Publications

HRL researchers regularly publish and present at conferences around the world. Since 1997, we've proven ourselves to be a patent powerhouse with more than 1,000 patents filed.