Patents— 2008

01-01-2008 7,315,241 enhanced perception lighting
01-15-2008 7,319,383 distributed motion prediction network
01-29-2008 7,324,036 adaptive, intelligent transform-based analog to information converter method and system
01-29-2008 7,324,048 wavelength division multiplexing methods and apparatus for constructin photonic beamforming networks
01-29-2008 7,324,256 photonic oscillator
01-29-2008 7,324,755 optical code-division multiple access transmission system and method
02-05-2008 7,327,855 vision-based highway overhead structure detection system
02-08-2008 7,328,200 apparatus, method, and computer program product for convertng decision flowcharts into decision probailistic graphs
02-12-2008 7,329,290 fuel reforming apparatus for producing a carbon-monoxide free reformed fuel gas coprosing hydrogen
02-12-2008 7,330,304 method and appartus for PPM demodulation using asemiconductor optical amplifier
02-12-2008 7,330,665 optical frequency modulated transmitter
03-11-2008 7,342,947 dark fiber laser array coupler
03-18-2008 7,343,655 manufacturing methods of micro electromechanical switch
03-18-2008 7,344,932 use of silicon block process step to camouflage a false tansistor
03-18-2008 7,345,652 antenna system and Rf signal interference abatement method
03-18-2008 7,345,804 dynamic optical tag communicator and system using corner cube moculating retroreflector
03-18-2008 7,345,866 continously tunable RF MEMS capacitor with ultra-wide tungin range
03-18-2008 7,346,083 bandwidth enhanced self-injection locked DFB laser with narrow linewidth
03-25-2008 7,348,864 integrated MMIC modules for millimeter and submillimeter wave system appications
03-25-2008 7,349,089 high transmission multi-wavelength filter and method
04-01-2008 7,351,660 process for producting high performers interconnects
04-15-2008 7,359,672 apparatus and method for frequency conversion
05-06-2008 7,368,764 heterojunction bipolar transistor and method to make a heterojunction bipolar transistor
05-06-2008 7,368,765 bipolar transistors with low parasitic losses
05-06-2008 7,369,081 smart chaff
05-13-2008 7,372,084 low power bipolar transistors with low parasitic losses
05-13-2008 7,373,088 agile spread waeform generator
05-27-2008 7,379,870 contextual filtering
06-03-2008 7,382,215 image guide coupler switch
06-03-2008 7,382,465 optical vibrometer
06-03-2008 7,382,808 apparatus and methof for spatial mod selection of planar waveguide and thin slab lasers in the large cross section size direction
06-03-2008 7,382,818 diffusion bonded pump cavity
06-03-2008 7,382,959 optically oriented three-dimensional polymer microstructures
06-10-2008 7,384,524 detection of carbon monoxide in hydrogen-based gas streams
06-17-2008 7,388,186 optically controlled MEMS devices
06-24-2008 7,391,372 integrated phased array antenna
07-08-2008 7,396,731 method for preparing a non-self-aligned heterojunction bipolar transistor with a small emitter-to-base spacing
07-15-2008 7,400,488 variable copacitance membrane actuator for wide band tuning of microstrip resonators and filters
07-15-2008 7,400,770 method and apparatus for automatically extracting geospatial features from multispectral imagery suitable for fast and robust extraction of landmarks
07-22-2008 7,403,076 high frequency quasi optical power source capable of solid state implementation
07-22-2008 7,403,113 GaN-Bassed sensor nodes for in situ detectino of gases
07-22-2008 7,403,144 pulse domain encoder and filter circuits
07-29-2008 7,405,637 minaturre tunable filter having an electrostatically adjustable membrane
07-29-2008 7,405,641 micro-electro-mechanical switch
07-29-2008 7,406,225 system and method for recording reflection bragg gratings
08-05-2008 7,409,092 method and apparatus for the surveillance of objects in images
08-05-2008 7,409,159 method and apparatus for the surveillance of objects in mnages
09-09-2008 7,422,141 microparticle loaded solder preform allowing bond site control of device spacing at micron, submicron, and nanostructure scale
09-30-2008 7,430,376 all-optical delay gerator for PPM communication systems based on a non-linear waveguide with a chirped DBR
10-04-2008 7,437,033 appartus and mehtod for pumping optical fiber
10-21-2008 7,439,166 method for producing tiered gate structure devices
11-04-2008 7,444,813 volume-conversion technique for active-mateials-based morphing structures
11-04-2008 7,446,584 time dlay apparatus and method of using same
11-04-2008 7,447,334 motion recognition system
11-04-2008 7,447,670 methods for monitoring conflicts in inference systems
11-25-2008 7,456,803 large aperture rectenna based onplanar lens structures
11-25-2008 7,457,326 method and apparatus for coherently combining multiple laser oscillators
11-25-2008 7,457,489 frequency tuning of photonic oscillator using amplifier bias voltage
11-25-2008 7,457,745 >method and apparatus for fast on-line automatic speaker/environment adaptation for speech/speaker recognition in the presence of changing environments
12-02-2008 7,459,099 quartz-based nanoresonators and method of fabricating same
12-02-2008 7,460,755 method and apparatus for combining laser light
12-09-2008 7,462,859 quantum well design for a coherent, single-photon detector with spin resonant transistor
12-30-2008 7,470,619 interconnect with high aspect ration plugged vias
12-30-2008 7,470,941 high power-low noise microwave GaN heterojunction field effect transistor
12-30-2008 7,471,258 coaxial cable having high radiation efficiency
12-30-2008 7,471,454 dynaminc optical tag communicator and system using corner cube modulating retroreflector