Patents— 2002

02-19-2002 6,348,890 phased array antenna beamformer
03-26-2002 6,362,762 muiltiple mode analog-to-Digital converter employing a single quantizer
04-02-2002 6,366,254 planar antenna with switched-Beam diversity for interference reduction in mobile environment
04-30-2002 6,380,552 low turn-on voltage indium phosphide schottky device and method
05-07-2002 6,384,797 reconfigurable antenna for mulitple band, band-Switching operation
05-14-2002 6,387,793 method for manufactureing precision electroplated solder bumps
05-14-2002 6,388,631 reconfigurable interleaved phased array antenna
05-28-2002 6,396,368 CMOS-Compatible MEM switches and method for making
06-04-2002 6,400,871 phase control mechanism for coherent fiber amplifier arrays
06-18-2002 6,408,251 calibrating a magnetic compass with an angular rate gyroscope and a global positioning system receiver
07-09-2002 6,417,807 optically controlled RF MEMS switch array for reconfigurable broadband reflective antennas
07-09-2002 6,418,248 traveling-Wave photodector
07-30-2002 6,426,722 polarization converting radio frequency reflecting surface
08-13-2002 6,433,756 method fo providing increased low-Angle radiation sensitivity in an antenna and an antenna having increased low-Angle radiation sensitivity
08-27-2002 6,440,767 monolithic single pole couple throw RF MEMS switch
08-27-2002 6,441,759 mulit-bit delta sigma modulator having linear output
08-27-2002 6,441,792 low-Profile, multi-Antenna module, and mehtod of integration into a vehicle
08-27-2002 6,441,947 method and apparatus for optical beam steering based on a chirped distributed bragg reflactor
09-03-2002 6,444,552 method of reducing the conductivity of a semiconductor and devices made thereby
09-10-2002 6,447,692 nanometer sized phase change materials for enhanced heat transfer fluid performance
09-17-2002 6,452,546 wavelength division multiplexing methods and apparatus for constructing photonic beamforming networks
09-24-2002 6,456,422 Direct optical FM discriminator
09-24-2002 6,456,991 classification method and apparatus based on boosting and pruning of multiple classifiers
10-01-2002 6,459,629 memory with a bit line block and/or a word line block for preventing reverse engineering
10-08-2002 6,462,860 method and apparatus of detection of pulse position modulated optical signals
10-15-2002 6,466,147 method and apparatus for randomized dynamic element matching DAC
10-15-2002 6,466,703 method and apparatus for electro-Optic delay generation of optical signals
10-22-2002 6,469,677 optical network for actuation of switches in a reconfigurable antenna
11-12-2002 6,480,327 high power laser system with fiber smplifiers and loop PCM
11-19-2002 6,482,711 InPSb/InAs BJT Device and method of making
11-19-2002 6,483,480 tunable imepedance surface
11-19-2002 6,483,481 textured surface having high electromagnetic impedance in multiple frequency bands
11-19-2002 6,483,814 channel-Adaptive radio modem
12-03-2002 6,490,076 optical phased array for eepolarized optical beam control
12-17-2002 6,496,155 end-Fire antenna ro array on a surface with tunable impedance
12-31-2002 6,501,433 coaxial dielectric rod antenna with multi-Frequency collinear apertures