Patents— 2004

12-28-2004 6.835.587 single crystal, tunneling and capacitive, three-axes sensor using eutectic bonding and a method of making same
12-21-2004 6.833.819 beam steering apparatus for a traveling wave antenna and associated method
12-14-2004 6.830.945 method for fabricating a non-planar nitride-based heterostructure field effect transistor
12-07-2004 6.828.934 wavelength division muliplexing methods and apparatus for consstructing photonic beamforming networks
12-07-2004 6.828.677 precision electroplated solder bumps and method for manufacturing thereof
12-07-2004 6.828.556 millimeter wave imaging array
11-16-2004 6.819.432 coherent detecting receiver using a time delay interferometer and adaptive beam combiner
11-16-2004 6.818.880 implanted hidden interconnections in a semiconductor device for preventing reverse engineering
11-09-2004 6.815.816 implanted hidden interconnections in a semiconductor device for preventing reverse engineering
11-02-2004 6.812.903 radio frequency aperture
11-02-2004 6.812.070 epitaxially-grown backward diode
10-19-2004 6.807.158 method and apparatus for determining position and trajecory of gaetways to optimize performance in hybrid non-terrestrial-terrestrial multi-hop mobile networks
10-19-2004 6.806.512 InPSb/InAs BJT device and method of making
10-12-2004 6.804.471 apparatus and method of pulsed frequency modulation for analog optical communication
10-12-2004 6.803.559 optically controlled MEM switches
10-05-2004 6.801.662 sensor fusion architecture for vision-based occupant detection
09-28-2004 6.799.087 metod and apparatus for providing agent swarm dispersal and separation by directed movement
09-21-2004 6.795.590 SAR and FLIR image registration Method
09-21-2004 6.794.221 method of placing elements into receptors in a substrate
09-14-2004 6.792.011 frequency modulated laser with high modulation bandwidth
09-14-2004 6.791.734 method and apparatus for information modulation for impulse radios
09-14-2004 6.791.191 integrated circuits protected against reverse engineering and method for fabricating the same using vias without metal terminations
08-24-2004 6.781.533 optically sampled delta-sigma modulator
08-17-2004 6.778.318 optical-to-wireless WDM converter
08-17-2004 6.777.958 method and apparatus for detecting a change in capacitance of a capacitive proximity sensor
08-17-2004 6.777.244 compact sensor using microcavity structures
08-10-2004 6.774.413 integated circuit structure with programmable connector/isolator
07-27-2004 6.768.403 torsion spring for electro-mechanical switches and a cantilever-type RF micro-electromechanical switch incorporating the torsion spring
07-27-2004 6.767.436 method and apparatus fo plasma-enhaced coaxial magnetron for sputter-coating interior surfaces
07-20-2004 6.765.495 inter vehicle communication system
07-06-2004 6.760.512 electro-optical programmable true-time delay generator
06-15-2004 6.751.547 method and apparatus for estimation of forward path geometry of a vehicle based on a two-clothoid road model
06-15-2004 6.750.624 non-contact jobstacle detection system utilizing ultra sensitive capacitive sensing
05-25-2004 6.740.942 permanently on transistor implemented using a double polysilcon layer CMOS process wiith buried contact
05-25-2004 6.739.028 molded high impdeance surface and a method of making same
05-11-2004 6.735.448 powermanagement for throughput enhancement in wireless ad-hoc networks
05-11-2004 6.734.470 laterally varying multiple diodes
05-04-2004 6.731.829 tur-time all-optical delay generator for array beam steerers
05-04-2004 6.730.978 single drystal, dual wafer, tunneling sensor and a method of making sameness
05-04-2004 6.730.212 sensor for chemical biological materials
04-27-2004 6.727.153 superlattice fabrication for InAs/GaSb/AlSb semiconductor structures
04-20-2004 6.724.523 remotely locatable RF power amplification system
04-20-2004 6.723.933 flexible capacitive strip for use in a non-contact obstacle detection systems
04-20-2004 6.721.290 method and apparatus for mlulticasting real time traffic in wireless ad-hoc networks
04-13-2004 6.720.899 extended precision pixel
04-06-2004 6.718.259 adaptive kalman filter method for accurate estimation of forward path deometry of an automobile
03-16-2004 6.707.832 fiber coupling enhancement via external feedback
03-02-2004 6.700.393 capacitive sensor assembly for use in a non-contact obstacle detachection system
02-24-2004 6.696.692 process control methods for use with e-Beam fabrication technology
02-10-2004 6.690.180 process and apparatus for determining tation of fluid components such as methanol and water for reforming feed
01-20-2004 6.681.247 collaborator discovery method and system
01-13-2004 6.678.421 subband coefficient rediction with pattern recognition techniques
01-06-2004 6.674.141 single crystal, tunneling and capacitive, three-axes sensor using eutectic bonding and a method of making same
01-06-2004 6.673.265 antimony-based heterostructure varactor diode with bandgap engineered quantum well electrodes