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HRL Laboratories’ Breakthrough May Pave the Way for Gallium Nitride to Supplant Silicon in Integrated Circuits

HRL Laboratories Commemorates Former HRL Staffer and Challenger Astronaut Ron McNair on 30th Anniversary

Breakthrough achieved in Ceramics 3D Printing Technology

HRL Passes Milestone with 1,001 Patents

HRL Laboratories Developing Nanoscale Fabrication Technology for Large-Scale Performance

Lightest. Metal. Ever.

Game Changing Space Travel: HRL is Developing Ultralight Materials for Future Aerospace Vehicles and Structures

HRL to Receive $2.2 Million Homeland Security Award for Mobile Authentication Research

Dr. Logan Sorenson Recognized as a "DARPA Riser"

Lightweight Sandwich Structures Lay the Groundwork for Micro-Drones

HRL Laboratories Applauds Staff Members Honored by National Academy of Engineerings

HRL Laboratories' Ultrathin Heat Exchangers Could Pave the Way for Artificial Organs

New Research Article by an HRL Team on Isotopically Enhanced Triple-Quantum-Dot Qubit

HRL Laboratories Explains Groundbreaking Thermal Battery Technology

Making Better Vehicles to Travel to Mars: HRL Selected for An Exciting NASA Proposal Award

Network Catastrophe: Self-Organized Patterns Reveal both the Instability and the Structure of Complex Networks

HRL wins Best paper award ("Network-Based Group Account Classification”) at SBP

DARPA Awards HRL Contract for Advanced Scanning Technology for Imaging Radars (ASTIR)

HRL is Developing a New Material for Hypersonic Vehicles

Researchers Sitting On 'Largest Known Database Of Twitter User Locations’

Latent Structure In Random Sequences Drives Neural Learning Toward A Rational Bias

IEEE Simon Ramo Medal – 2015 Awarded to Dr. Paul G. Kaminski

Precision Strike Association (PSA) Announces HRL’s Chairman of the Board Dr. Paul Kaminski to Receive William J. Perry Award

Dedication of the Colburn Laboratory

HRL makes the prestigious MIT Technology Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies List for the second time

900 Patents and Growing

Unsupervised Discrimination of Patterns In Spiking Neural Networks With Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity

Football Helmet Padding to be improved with materials developed at HRL Laboratories

A Brain-Inspired Chip Takes to the Sky

HRL Laboratories Announce New President and CEO

HRL Laboratories hosted the 3rd International Workshop on the Brain

HRL Laboratories announces Efficiency Improvement in High Definition Neuromorphic Video Object Recognition

HRL is named one of the key players in Neuromorphic Chip Technology by MIT Review

Dr. Jeong-Sun Moon, Named 2014 IEEE Fellow

800 And Growing

Best Paper Nominee

Another HRL Researcher Achieves Top Level

HRL Scientists Demonstrate World's First Millimeter-Wave Flexible Electronics Technology

HRL's RAPID UPSIDE team is awarded contract to develop new real-time tracking technology for DARPA

CT2WS Threat-Detection Technology Does a 360!

HRL to Create New Structural Design Paradigm in Dynamically Adaptive Naval Craft for Structural Logic Phase II Program

Hydrogen Storage Research Paper One of the Most Cited in Technical Journal