2008 News

date   title
02-19-2008   HRL Laboratories Leadership Changes Hands
03-01-2008   HRL Awarded $1.5M to Develop Ultra-Wideband Integrated Photonic Signal-Processing Capabilities
03-14-2008   HRL to Investigate Plasmonic Technology to Assist Satellite Intelligence Gathering
03-24-2008   HRL Laboratories Responds to URGENT Mission
03-24-2008   HRL Receives Award to Develop Next-Generation Threat Warning System
04-25-2008   New Technology to Revolutionize Military Radar and Communications Capabilities
05-07-2008   HRL Receives Trusted Accreditation in Foundry Services for National Security Programs
06-10-2008   HRL Laboratories Top 400 Patents Issued
06-18-2008   HRL Receives Award to Continue Investigations into Hydrogen Storage Materials
07-21-2008   HRL to develop innovative carbon-Based electronics to bring higher speed and lower cost to military systems
08-12-2008   Dr. William A. Jeffrey appointed President and CEO of HRL laboratories, LLC
08-22-2008   HRL to develop revolutionary microwave receiver
10-15-2008   HRL laboratories researcher recognized for "best dissertation" by IEEE society
10-22-2008   HRL to begin pioneering research on neuromorphic electronics that function like the biological brain
11-12-2008   Two HRL scientists honered with IEEE fellowships
12-05-2008   HRL Laboratories demonstrated world's first graphene RF field-Effect transistors under DARPA's CERA program 
12-15-2008   HRL Announces Breakthrough in Integrating CMOS and Indium Phosphide Transistors