The Latest News

HRL High-Temperature Ceramics 3D-Printing Technology Selected as R&D 100 Finalist

HRL Receives NASA Award to 3D Print Ceramic Rocket Engine Components

HRL Researchers Develop a Low-Power Cold-Atom Source for Atomic Clocks and Physics Experiments

HRL Laboratories Researcher Chosen for U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

HRL Team Receives DARPA Award to Develop Magnetic Integrated Components

HRL and Microsoft Researchers Team Up To Create Advanced Camera with a Highly Curved Image Sensor

HRL Receives DARPA Award for High-Efficiency E-band GaN Power Amplifier

HRL Awarded SLICK-AVA Project by NGA

HRL Laboratories Awarded IARPA Contract to Study Biometric Security

Brain Meeting Presentation by HRL Shows Promise for Transcranial Stimulation During Sleep

HRL Receives DARPA Award for Multichip Integration

HRL Laboratories Achieves Guinness World Record for Lightest Metal

DARPA Awards HRL $1.5 Million to Develop MEMS-based Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator for Atomic Clocks

HRL will research Wafer Scale Infrared Detectors for DARPA

HRL Laboratories Team Publishes Quantum Computing Materials Paper in MRS Bulletin

HRL Receives DARPA Award to “STAMP” Learning into the Brain

HRL to Receive $4.3 Million DARPA Award to Develop Next-Generation Inertial Sensor Technology

The Office of Naval Research has awarded the BAE Systems FSSR team - including HRL Laboratories - an $11 million contract

HRL Laboratories Team Achieves Breakthrough in Dynamically Variable Negative Stiffness Structures

HRL Demonstrates the Potential to Enhance the Human Intellect's Existing Capacity to Learn New Skills

HRL Laboratories’ Breakthrough May Pave the Way for Gallium Nitride to Supplant Silicon in Integrated Circuits

HRL Laboratories Commemorates Former HRL Staffer and Challenger Astronaut Ron McNair on 30th Anniversary

Breakthrough achieved in Ceramics 3D Printing Technology