Applied Electromagnetics Lab (aEL)

AEL includes leading researchers in electromagnetics, photonics, RF technologies, and computational physics. Antenna work includes developing new types of electromagnetic structures and devices and integrating these to form innovative products. AEL scientists also create electromagnetic simulation tools that substantially exceed the capabilities of existing codes in order to enhance computational power for modeling and future antenna design.

The lab has unique capabilities in the control of surface waves and their effects on antenna radiation patterns. Researchers are also pursuing active electronics, which has significant potential for surpassing the present limits of antenna performance.

State-of-the-art optoelectronics technologies for microwave signal distribution, waveform generation, signal process and electronically scanned electro-optical arrays are other major focus areas in AEL. Much of the lab's research in photonics is aimed at chip-scale photonics for future RF and EO systems.

In the area computational physics, AEL applies the leading expertise in electromagnetic modeling, materials modeling and quantum information science to design new materials and devices.

Current Openings

  • Research Staff, Scientific Computing - 1650.01
  • Research Staff, RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Antennas and Systems - 1750.02
  • Development Engineer, Photonic Devices and Systems - 1750.03
  • Research Staff, Photonic Devices and Systems - 1750.04
  • Scientific Software Developer - 1750.05
  • Control Systems Programmer - 1750.06




areas of research

  • Adaptive Electromagnetic Structures
  • Advanced Conformal and Integrated Antennas
  • FastScat™ (High-Order Electromagnetic Modeling)
  • Time Domain Electromagnetic Modeling
  • Chip-Scale Photonics
  • Wide Dynamic Range Photonic Links
  • Electronic Material and Device Modeling
  • Quantum Information Science