Cyber-Physical Resilience

The goal of our research in Cyber-Physical Resilience is to protect computing devices, platforms (e.g. vehicles and planes), and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, and to ensure the privacy and security of data computation and storage. We focus our research along two main directions:  secure computation and automated verification and synthesis of secure software and cryptographic protocols. We are applying our technology to proactively secure cloud storage and control, to secure and preserve privacy in databases and search of streaming data, to secure distributed financial transactions, to secure information flow in dynamic reactive systems, and to build high-assurance automotive software.

R&D Capabilities

• Secure Computation

- Pattern matching
- Cloud storage and control
- Digital currencies
- Homomorphic encryption
- Secret sharing
- Multiparty computation

• Automated Verification & Synthesis

- Formal methods
- Mathematical logic
- Policy driven software analysis
- Tunable information flow

- Automated theorem prover-guided synthesis