broad Expertise, comprehensive solutions

With broad expertise in the physical sciences—including engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials, and information sciences—our highly collaborative teams provide the research and technology that enable a competitive advantage for our LLC Members and customers. Our R&D expertise spans four broad core technical competencies.

Ultra-High-Performance Integrated Circuits and Components

We continue to push through the performance boundaries of circuitry and components using new materials, advanced fabrication techniques and innovative design. The results are far higher frequencies, increased power densities, enhanced functionalities, higher dynamic ranges, and improved signal-to-noise ratios. More >

Architected 2D and 3D Materials

This exciting research area focuses on designing the unique physical properties of new materials to enable unprecedented functionalities. These innovative materials provide superior engineered mechanical, structural, thermal, electromagnetic and electrochemical performance not found in nature. More >

Robust Computing and Communications

Combining new hardware paradigms inspired by nature with state-of-the-art microelectronics and algorithms, HRL researchers are producing ultra-high-performance and fault-tolerant computing systems, mobile networks, and trusted computing capabilities and components. Our groundbreaking research will lead to new generations of smart machines and technologies that will change the way we live and work. More >

Automated Knowledge Extraction

By exploiting phenomenology, link discovery, and fundamental mathematics, HRL scientists are at the cutting edge in 3D object recognition, 4D space-time geographic modeling, multimode layered network analysis and dimensional reduction, and data network extraction. This research is addressing the challenge of creating knowledge from the flood of pervasive data available, resulting in the user achieving more accurate decisions more quickly. More >

Trusted Foundry

Trusted Foundry

HRL is a Trusted Foundry for the Department of Defense and all other U.S. government customers. More >