ULtra-high-performance integrated circuits

Chipset for Millimeter-Wave Imaging HRL is a leading supplier of low-noise amplifier and detector diode chips for the passive millimeter-wave imaging market. We have developed a chipset consisting of two monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) ideally suited to radiometric detection at W-band frequencies (70 to 110 GHz).

Detector Materials Our expertise in the growth and processing of compound semiconductor materials extends to developing new lower cost detector materials and devices, particularly in the infrared spectral region. These new technologies are aimed at lowering material costs while increasing performance for next-generation sensor systems.

GaN MMICs HRL demonstrated the world's first W-band gallium nitride (GaN) MMIC in 2006, and we continue to lead in the development of high-frequency power amplifiers based on GaN / AlGaN heterostructure field effect transistors (HFETs). Our patented epitaxial layer structure and fabrication process provide state-of-the-art power density and power-added efficiency at millimeter-wave frequencies. We have also demonstrated world-class broadband amplifiers and robust low-noise amplifiers based on our GaN MMIC technology.

GaN Power Electronics We've leveraged our GaN materials and device expertise to develop high-efficiency switches and diodes for power-conversion applications. This technology enables high-efficiency switching at increased frequencies, leading to dramatic reductions in component size and weight.

High-Performance Data Converters We continue to push the limits of analog-to-digital converter performance along the well-known Walden performance curve, originally developed at HRL in the 1990s. The underlying technology supporting data converter development is the transistor-level integration of 400 GHz cut-off frequency, InP heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) technology with 90 nm Si CMOS technology with an approach that is scalable to future generations of InP and Si CMOS transistor dimensions.

High-Speed Optoelectronic IC Technology Leveraging our InP HBT technology, we have designed, fabricated, and demonstrated both uni-traveling-carrier photodiodes and transimpedance amplifiers suitable for high-bandwidth data communications.

High-Performance Quartz MEMS Technologies Our ability to machine and process quartz at the micron scale has led to the development of unique capabilities to design and fabricate ultra-compact, high-Q quartz micro-electro-mechanical (MEM) gyros, filters, resonators and oscillators for high-performance navigation, timing, sensing and communications systems. Our scientists have developed capabilities to integrate these miniaturized high-performance quartz devices with semiconductor electronics for true "system-on-a-chip" capabilities.

Photonic Subsystems for Digital/Analog Networks Several innovative RF photonic links and subsystems developed at HRL are enabling new technologies for antenna remoting and facilitating better management of large numbers of optical beams and the generation of radar waveforms. Our coherent RF photonic links are enhancing high-fidelity transmission of microwave signals via optical fibers.



Researchers One Step Closer to Graphene-on-Silicon Technology for RF Applications

HRL researchers have successfully demonstrated graphene-on-silicon technology at the wafter-scale, an extraordinary breakthrough that could enable unprecedented capabilities in high-bandwidth communications, imaging and radar systems. More >